About Us

Building Bridges in the Digital World

At the heart of SolFriends lies a visionary team, united by the dream of weaving together the vast expanse of the digital realm with the intricate threads of human connection. Our journey began with a simple idea: to harness the revolutionary power of blockchain technology not just to innovate, but to foster genuine, meaningful connections. Every feature, from Bonds to Spaces, is crafted with this purpose in mind, ensuring that every interaction within the SolFriends ecosystem enriches both the individual and the community.


Unlock the Essential Features of SolFriends.

Experience the Next-Generation Digital Identity and Social Interaction with Our Cutting-Edge Blockchain Features.

Sol ID

With Sol ID, engage in the SolFriends universe with a secure, blockchain-verified identity that connects and protects your digital interactions seamlessly.


Invest, connect, grow with Bonds.

Tipping &  Collecting

Amplify your support and preserve moments with Tipping & Collecting: reward creators and curate your collection of unforgettable content and exclusive drops.


Dive into tailored realms within SolFriends, where private conversations flourish and community bonds strengthen in exclusive gatherings.

Swap Bonds with Simplicity

Dive into the world of Bonds, where each token is a gateway to a SolFriend’s world. Easy, direct, and secure token exchanges at your fingertips.


Milestones Ahead: SolFriends' Pathway to Success.

Explore the planned phases and features that will shape the future of social blockchain interaction.

Phase 1 - Inception

Website Launch
Social Media Setup
Initial Community Engagement
Platform Development Kick-off

Phase 2 - Establishment

Private Beta Testing
Influencer Partnerships
New Features Rollout
Early Adopter Program
Marketing Strategy Implementation

Phase 3 -Expansion

Public Launch
Community Building Initiatives
Staking/Rewarding Points
Strategic Ecosystem Alliances
CEX Listing

Phase 4 - Evolution

Boost our worldwide presence Welcome more diverse users
Support more languages
Enhance the SolFriends experience
Plan for a sustainable future


The SolFriendsEconomy Explained.

Name: SolFriends
Symbol: $FRIENDS
Supply: 10,000,000
Contract: GYqW2rfbUT7YX6za3g28ALWcbVH1WHRtwS6gYPgZVfyE

Presale: 50%
raydium LP: 15%
Marketing: 15%
Development: 10%
CEX Listing: 5%
Advisors/KOLs: 5%

200 SOL

Presale Amount

50 SOL

Ryadium LP + 15% Token      s

75 SOL


75 SOL